Download SuperSU Zip and SuperSU APK v2.82 [Installation Guide]

Do you know that there are tremendous magical and worthy settings available on every Android device which you didn’t have seen yet? If No, then let me take you to the most manageable and the entirely customizable part of Android.

So basically Android OS is based on the modified version of the Linux, and the manufacturers and developers encrypt the developing, customizing, and some administrative tools before launching the device in the market.

Now you are unquestionably thinking about how to open these exciting stuff which you haven’t adhered yet, Right? So let me make you more familiar with the process which can make you experience all these tweaks free of cost with a few simple steps.

This process is known as Rooting. Basically, the rooting process enables you to customize your Android phone and its apps as well as in installing all the unsupportable and custom apps.

SuperSU Root Download

So today in this article, we’ll acknowledge you about the entire rooting process, it’s advantages, disadvantages, and all the additional features that you can avail after rooting your device.

Apart from the information, we’ll also grant you the most reliable resource as software for rooting your device termed SuperSU. This software offers a convenient process for rooting and as well as it’s one of the most used rooting resources for Android devices.

So must go through the complete blog for getting familiar with the process and downloading the SuperSU app.

What is Root Android?

The Android phone that you’re using right now is basically running on the modified version of Linux which is completely customizable and modifiable.

But the manufacturers of these devices encrypt all the backend services due to some security issues. So basically, Rooting is the process to decrypt all those services and as well as for granting you complete control to your Android OS.

There are tremendous resources available in the market, which will help you in rooting your Android devices such as SuperSU, SuperSU, and KingoRoot.

But here in-between all these software, The SuperSU is the most convenient one since, by using it, you can easily root your smartphone without long steps, and also it comes with various useful features.

What is SuperSU Zip?

The Android devices don’t allow any of us to experience all the root prerogatives and customization authority. But still, there are tremendous such guys who like to customize their android devices in their own way and use all the administrative tools to install custom and some pre-developed useful software. So for all those guys who like customization and advancement in their life, today we’re here with the resource you need – SuperSU.

SuperSU is basically a flashable zip file that needed to work in the SuperSU APK. In-between the rooting process, you’ll also need a TWRP recovery tool for flashing the SuperSU ZIP file into the SuperSU APK.

By acknowledging the above process, it’ll definitely sound difficult to you to root your device via SuperSU. But please don’t worry, as it’s not that hard as it’s looking since the flashing process will take a few times and also the app interface is designed in a damn comfortable way, so you don’t have to worry about any obstacles.

Just download the Flashable SuperSU ZIP file with the below sectioned SuperSU APK to hassle-free root your device right now.

Download SuperSU 2.82 Flashable Zip

File Name SuperSU Zip
Size 5.62 MB
Version 2.82
Android Required 4.2+
Updated On July 6 2021
Developer Chainfire

What is SuperSU App?

SuperSU APK is a simple android application that can easily get installed in your device in the default way. You can download it from the link provided below in this article. Basically, the SuperSU APK works like a mediator needed for processing the main product (SuperSU ZIP file) with the help of the TWRP recovery tool, which results in rooting your device.

The best feature of this app is, It can comfortably work on any android device, and you won’t have to equip a computer or laptop to root your mobile while using SuperSU resources.

The SuperSU app that we’re providing you here is the most current version of SuperSU so you won’t have to worry about any updates while downloading it.

Moreover, it’s 100% safe to use SuperSU APK to root your Android device since it’s secure. Furthermore, SuperSU permits you to root any android device of any brand or any configuration.

Advantages of Rooting?

  • You can get complete control over your device’s OS and also can administrate any backend settings inside it.
  • Root Access permits you to install custom apps on your device.
  • You can also customize the home wall and personalize your app setup and every page of your device by own.
  • Rooting can enhance performance and extends the battery life of your smartphone.
  • You can save space on your phone by transferring apps to SD card storage on a rooted device.
  • You can also install custom ROMs on your device by root access.
  • You can install backup creator apps that need root access to operate such as Titanium Backup and Nandroid backup.

Disadvantages of Rooting?

  • Rooting can void your device warranty.
  • This process can brick your phone, and bricked phones are useless since you won’t fix it after it gets bricked.
  • Some of the essential security scripts of your device will be deleted after rooting your device, which can invite lots of malware and other viruses.
  • Some custom and rooting apps contain malware that can harm your data’s security.
  • Some licensed and online banking apps won’t work after rooting the device.

Download SuperSU APK 2.82 for Android

App Name SuperSU App
Size 6 MB
Version 2.82
Android Required 4.2+
Updated On Oct 4, 2020
Developer Chainfire

Features Of SuperSU APK

  • You can directly root your device via installing SuperSU APK on your device and flashing SuperSU zip file into it via TWRP recovery tool.
  • So, you don’t need a computer for rooting your device via SuperSU.
  • SuperSU is the best software to root android devices for all the beginners since because of its interface and the simple steps.
  • It provides you with more benefits than the one-tap rooters like KingRoot, and If you’re using it, there will be fewer chances of your device getting bricked.
  • You can again unroot your device after rooting via SuperSU.
  • You can convert any unlicensed app as a system app after rooting via SuperSU tool.
  • You can also use your device even while the Android isn’t properly booted.
  • SuperSU rooting software supports almost all brands and all the phone models.
  • In the SuperSU rooted device, you can replace the SuperSU with any other root for additional features without any hassle.

Steps to Install SuperSU Zip using TWRP Recovery –

  • Download latest SuperSU Zip file on your Android device.
  • Move the downloaded SuperSU zip file to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Now, boot your phone into TWRP recovery mode.
    •  Turn Off your phone.
    • Press and hold Volume Up + Power button, as soon as you see boot screen release the Power button (do not release volume up key until you boot into TWRP mode.)
  • Otherwise, you can also use the ADB command to boot into recovery mode.
    • Connect your phone to PC/Laptop
    • Open the command prompt on your PC and type the following command.
    • adb reboot recovery
    • This will boot your device into recovery mode.
  • On TWRP main screen Tap on ‘Install’
  • Locate the SuperSU installer zip file and Select it.

Install SuperSU Zip Using TWRP Recovery

  • Finally ‘Swipe the Slider’ on the bottom of the screen to flash the file and install SuperSU on your phone.
  • Once the flashing process completes Tap on “Reboot System”.

Now download the Root Checker app on your phone and check if you see all green check on the screen.

How to Uninstall SuperSU?

If you want to uninstall SuperSU, then here is a simple method to uninstall.

  • Open the “SuperSU” app.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab.
  • Now Scroll down and locate the “Cleanup” option.
  • Click on “Full Unroot” to uninstall.
  • You will see a prompt to confirm, tap “Continue’.
  • Now Reboot your phone.
  • That’s it, you have uninstalled SuperSU successfully.

What is more in SuperSU Pro Version?

SuperSU is the most elegant and the most loved Android rooting resource until now since it comes with exceptional benefits. SuperSU is used by over millions of users worldwide till now, and these digits are still increasing every day.

As we already confirmed that SuperSU is one of the most convenient rooting software for rooting Android devices. Excepting that, it will also provide you with a pro(paid) version which showers more additional features apart from compatibility and comfortability such as an unrooting facility.

Basically, the SuperSU Pro is the licensed version of SuperSU, which is a bit different than the Normal free version. For procuring access to experiencing the SuperSU Pro, you must have to download the SuperSU first, and then you’ll notice a tab to activate or enable pro inside the settings of SuperSU.

Features Of SuperSU Pro APK

Below there, we’ve listed all the prominent features available in the SuperSU Pro –

  • You can temporary and permanent unroot your device whenever you want.
  • Your device’s screen wakes on prompt after rooting the device from the Pro version of SuperSU.
  • Change and customize notification settings for each app.
  • Works in a different recovery space, lack of app crashing issues.
  • Can change themes and icons from 4 to 5 in-built packs.
  • Always run in the ghost mode(Full Privacy Mode).
  • Can extend data security by the PIN encrypting feature.
  • Grants OTA Survival Mode
  • Per-app signing customization.

Conclusion –

The Android OS is not like the other Windows and Linux operating systems, in which you can open administrative functions in one click and messing with system files.

Since here in Android, you can only use the features predefined while manufacturing your device by Google and your device manufacturer. But if you’re a techie guy and love experiencing such happenings, then we’re here today to help you with the help of the above entire article.

This article had almost complete knowledge about the rooting process as well as its merits and demerits. Apart from that, we also have provided above the most reliable rooting software which will worth in both cases, even if you’re a beginner or Professional – SuperSU APK.

This software is easy to operate, and also you can easily install it in your device without any issue. It contains immense exceptional features consisting of the unrooting tool, and also it’s compatible with almost every Android device available in the market. So download the SuperSU APK right now with the flashable SuperSU ZIP file and customize your own OS in your own ways.

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