How To Get WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone

Get WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone

Today in this article we have come with the guide on How To Get WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone, these is the most awaiting feature of Jio Phone. If you want to know How To Get WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone. Then read this full guide we have explained everything regarding WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone.

Many people are waiting to see WhatsApp On Jio Phone as the phone gots popular. But till now we have not got WhatsApp on our Jio Phone. But now we have got the update of WhatsApp and YouTube App. As you know that we have already got the update of Facebook App.

As you can see the image below you can see WhatsApp and YouTube is Installed On Jio Phone, this is the Official App of YouTube and WhatsApp. But as of you will not get this Apps on your Jio Phone, you will get this app on 15 August 2018.

The best thing you can send and receive voice messages easily since tapping on the T9 keypad as now many peoples are not using too it as most of the people are to use to touchscreens. There is also an option to send images from WhatsApp on the Jio Phone and of course as this is a beta version of the app we have a few features missing but the core messaging functionality of WhatsApp not that here and that’s what most of us were waiting for. So, that’s about it for a quick update of WhatsApp And YouTube On Jio Phone

Features You Get On WhatsApp On Jio Phone

  • Obviously, you can send messages
  • You can send your voice
  • And you are getting same features as you see on other phones
  • And also you will see that feature which is amazing to see in this device
  • You can send images

We have Google Maps, this is the same old maps that you are used to and the UI may be a bit clunky the functionality remains almost the same. You can see your exact location thanks to onboard GPS and you can even navigate your destination it’s a bit cool to see on Jio Phone.

Now let’s talk about YouTube App, you will see the exact interface of YouTube as you see on many Android Phones. Now many of you are thinking that How we will able to play around the YouTube App. So, you are getting a cursor just like the image shown below which is amazing to see.

You’re getting Voice Feature on this YouTube App you can directly search anything through your Voice. You can watch all your favorite videos in full screen. You can comment on videos and do conversation with your favorite YouTuber. Jio has changed the landscape for Indian YouTuber.

There are few bugs there in the UI but this is the Beta version by the time the consumer version is rolling out all these should be fixed out. On talking about the interface it has smooth UI design easy to use. And also we have played some videos and it works very well.

So, this all about How To Get WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone, If you have any quires regarding WhatsApp And YouTube App On Jio Phone. then do comment down below. We would love to hear from you!

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