How To Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC {100% Working}

How To Install PUBG Lite On PC Easiest Way

Do you want to know How To Install PUBG Lite On PC, then you are in the right place? Today in this guide, I will show you How To Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC. PUBG Lite was recently launched in Thailand as a beta tester. And I know you are excited about it because when it comes to India.

It will make a lot easier for people with Low-End PC to start playing PUBG with having a dedicated gaming laptop. And what’s even better is that it’s completely free.

PUBG Lite Gaming Experience On PC

I have installed the normal PUBG Mobile on my laptop using Tencent Buddy stimulator. And the computer has a dedicated Core i5, 8GB & Nvidia MX150 GPU. First, I played the regular PUBG on my laptop, running with the 720p low setting. I got around 30 FPS, and at high settings Full HD, it was just playable.

Then I switch over to PUBG Lite, and at 1080p high settings, we easily get 60 FPS, while switching to low graphics setting it gets over 100 FPS the game. That’s awesome, right. But that sought of low power gaming comes at some cost.

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Difference Between PUBG Vs. PUBG Lite

The first major difference, and that’s pretty obvious, is that the graphics in PUBG Lite are not as good as on PUBG. However, it was not too bad. It will be definitely a lot better than those PUBG Mobile. It’s very similar to what you saw on the PUBG PC ad. That’s a great thing.

It’s more challenging that PUBG Mobile is, and it’s got the PC game was meant to be. The gameplay elements are almost completely PUBG PC like. The inventory open’s up as full-screen overlay where you have to click-drag and click on items to move them to your bag.

This is awesome and probably what the pc users are used to it. There is not an auto pickup option, and you have to pick up the items manually. But the best option that I personally like is the Auto-Reload Option. Yes, you heard it right PUBG Lite PC comes with Auto-Reload Feature.

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How To Download PUBG Lite On PC

Matching: One of the biggest concerns about the PUBG Lite PC was the matchmaking. It is obvious that it will not match the mobile player because there would be a disadvantage.

But when it matches with pc players as of right now, PUBG Lite only matches with other players playing PUBG Lite, which is kind of a cool thing. PUBG Lite has some amazing graphics as compared to PUBG

PC Requirement To Play PUBG Lite On PC

So, PUBG Lite does sound like a pretty amazing variation of PUBG for low-end PC’s but exactly how low end can you go?

Minimum PC Requirements

Processor Core i3
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 4000
OS Window 7,8,10, 64 bit

Steps To Download PUBG Lite On PC

Now To Install PUBG Lite On PC, You Just Have To Follow The Steps Shown Below. So, let’s see the installation process

Step 1: First Off Open This Link On Your PC (On Website The Language Is In Thai. So, Google Will Automatically Translate It To English)

Step 2: After That, We Need To Download The PUBG Lite Launcher Setup. For That On HomePage, You Will See A Button To Download Just Click On Download

Step 3: Now Download Section Page Will Open. Here You Have To Click On That Orange “Download Button” 

Step 4: Once Done Now You Have To Apply For A PUBG ID. So, Just Click On Apply For ID. Fill The Required Form

Step 5: Now Open Your Gmail Account, You Will Get A Confirmation Mail From PUBG Global Account Activation And Click On The Link To Verify Your PUBG ID.

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Steps To Install PUBG Lite On PC

Step 1: First Off Download VeePN Extension To Your PC

You Can Use Any Other VPN’s But It Must Have “Thailand Server”

Step 2: Once You Download & Install The VPN To PC. Now You Have To Connect To Thailand Server

Step 3: Now Open The PUBG Lite Launcher Setup, Run It And It Will Ask For Id & Pass. You Have To Use The ID & PASS That You Have Just Created

Step 4: Once You Logged In, You Will See A Huge Orange Button At The Bottom Left. It’s The “Install Button” Click On That. And PUBG Lite Will Start Downloading On Your PC

The Size Of The File Is Around 1.9 GB And Since You Will Be Using VPN To Download The File. It Might Take Couple Of Hours.

Step 5: Now Once The Download Process Completes. Do Not Open Now, Close The Launcher For Now.

Next, You Have To Follow The Steps Shown Below

Steps To Play PUBG Lite On PC

You have now downloaded the files that are required to play PUBG Lite On Your PC. But yet we have to follow some more steps to run PUBG Lite On Your PC successfully.  As you know that currently, PUBG Lite PC was in beta testing, and it’s only available for Thailand. And if you don’t follow the below steps, you will get some error saying, “Currently Available for your region.”

But there are some tweaks that you can follow up to run PUBG Lite PC on your region. The steps are quite simple. You just have to do some settings on your window timezone, and you will not get this error.

Step 1: First Off You Need To Change Default Location Of Your Windows PC. Now If You’re Using Windows 10 Then, Go To Settings >> Privacy And Then Click On Location

Step 2: Now Scroll Down You Have To Click On “Set Default” Option. Now On-Map Search For “Bangkok City” Thailand On The Search Box

Step 3: Once You Setup Your Default Location To Bangkok. Now You Need To Setup Your PC Time Zone To The Same Location. So, To Do That Go To Settings >> Date & Time >> And Change The Time Zone To “(UTC +7:00) Bangkok, Hanoi Jakarta” From The Dropdown Menu.

Step 4: That’s It. Now It’s Time To Start PUBG Lite On Your PC. Power On VPN Software That You Have Installed, Then Log Into The Launcher. And Finally, Click On The Orange Button At The Bottom Left & The Game Start’s

Enjoy! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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Final Words: So, this is it on How To Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC. I hope this guide helps you and works for you. If you have any questions related to PUBG Lite, then make sure to comment down below. We would like to hear from you.

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