How To Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows 2021 [100% Working]

Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows

Hey, there today in this guide I will show you How You Can Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows, ADB And Fastboot is a very important part if you want to Root your Android Phone, Install TWRP, And Unlock Bootloader.

What Is ADB?

Install ADB and Fastboot On Windows

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. This tool helps to communicate between Smartphone and PC Via Adb Commands. You can send terminal commands to your Android phone from your Windows PC via USB Cable. ADB commands are very useful to unlock your phone, root your phone, flash custom ROM’s and more.

What Is Fastboot?

Just like ADB, Fastboot is also a very important tool. We can say that it’s a diagnostic tool that can be used for Android System Modification from your windows pc when the phone is in bootloader mode. You can flash/modify files like custom recoveries, modify build props files, modify bootloaders, and more.

Here Are Some Important Fastboot Commands

  • If You Want To Unlock Bootloader Use The Following Command:
fastboot oem unlock
  • If You Want To Flash Recovery Use The Following Command:
fastboot flash recovery filename
  • If You Want To Boot In Recovery Use The Following Command:
fastboot boot filename
  • If You Want To Reboot Phone Use The Following Command:
fastboot reboot

Both of these Adb And Fastboot Tool comes with the Android SDK. But most of the users don’t know how to install or setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on windows pc. But XDA Developers made it easy they released a tool “15 seconds ADB Installer” by which you can easily install these drivers within a second.

You can use this tool to install ADB drivers on any windows version whether its XP or Windows 10

Download ADB And Fastboot Files

Steps To Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows

Step-1: First Download Adb Setup Files From The Download Section And Copy Paste The File To Desktop

Step-2: Once Done Double Click On Adb Setup File (adb-setup.exe file), After That A Command Prompt Window Will Popup. Just Type “Y” And Hit Enter To Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows PC

Step-3: Now Again Type “Y” To Install Adb And Fastboot Drivers

Step-4: Again You Have To Type “Y” And A Popup Window Will Appear Simply Click On Next

Step-5: After That You Will Be Asked To Install Device Software, Simply Click On Install

Step-6: Once Done You Will See “Google Inc Ready to use.” That Means The Installation Process Is Now Finish

Step-7: Now Head Over To Windows C Drive (C:/ADB) And You Will Now See “adb” Folder

Step-8: Open “adb” Folder And Hold Shift Key & Press Right Click To Open The Command Window

Step-9: To Check If Everything Is Working

  • Connect Your Phone To PC
  • Now On Command Window Type The Following Command
adb devices

Once You Type The Command To See If The Device Is Connected Or Not. You Must See This String “list of devices attached to the windows” 

So, this is it on How To Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows with easy steps. You must know that Adb And Fastboot drivers are very important when you want to Root Your Phone, Unlocking Bootloader Of Your Phone and much more,

Final Words: I have shown you the easiest method to Install ADB And Fastboot On Windows. I hope this method worked for you. And if you want to ask any questions related to this guide then make sure to comment down below. We would love to hear from you.

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    • Just make sure that ADB and Fastboot drivers are installed properly on your Windows PC. And for better driver support I would highly recommend you to use this method on Windows 10 and this way you will not get any errors.

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