Safest and Easiest Way to Root any Android Phone 2024 (Latest)

Today’s article I will guide you on how to Root your Phone with the most updated version of Root. This is gonna be a No Data Loss method. So, all your apps and Data are gonna be safe this is by far the easiest quickest and at the same time the most Advanced Way To Root.

Easiest as it is just one file and one process that will Root almost any Android Device out there and Advanced in the sense that it’s a system less Root. Which means your device will work and feel pretty much like a non Rooted Device.

Even certain apps and services that will straight up refuse to start on an older version of the root will now start working. It gots Mods, Auto Updates, and a ton of other features that will discuss later in the upcoming articles.

Root Any Android Phone Using Magisk Root Method

If your device is Rooted with the older version of Root like SuperSU Or KingRoot then I recommend you to Unroot your Device by following this post link

Update over to the latest version of Root by following this method.

Pre Requirements

  • Your phone must have Custom Recovery Installed.
  • Backup your data. In case you have done something wrong you can get back all of your data.
  • Download On Your Device (Make sure to not to unzip it)

Before we get started the only requirement for this to work is you need to have a Custom Recovery Pre- Installed on your Device

Here is the guide to Install TWRP Recovery on any Android Device

Why Custom Recovery is required for this Method?

That’s because some devices come with a locked Bootloader which will prevent any Attempts of rooting. No matter whatever you try so, Installing a Custom Recovery Unlocks your phone and allows you to Safely Root your device and do all sorts of cool stuff like installing ROMs, mods you can even update over to the next version of Android before anyone else does.

And much much more with added safety as you always have the Restore Option in case anything goes wrong but the only problem with that is the method to install a custom recovery is device-specific that is it’s different for different devices so, there is no one method that can install a custom recovery on all devices but the fun fact is the very first mod that comes out for any device is always the Custom Recovery. You can check the link on installing custom recovery above this section.

Make sure to take a backup of your Android System before performing any major installation activity on the Recovery by tapping on the BackUp Option and all your system files will be backed up.

Steps to Root any Android Phone with Magisk Root

(Make sure to download the latest version of Magisk Root)

  • Once you Downloaded > Turn Off your phone.
  • Once you Turned Off your phone > Boot Into Custom Recovery by Press & Hold Power Button + Volume Down Button.

(Note: If you are unable to Boot then make sure to Google it with your device model number to check your phones Boot Buttons)

  • Once you are in Custom Recovery > Tap on Install > Navigate to and Select it > Swipe To Confirm Flash

  • The entire installation process will take a couple of seconds and you are done.
  • Once the Installation Process is Done > Tap On Restart

Your device is now Unlocked and you have Successfully Rooted Your Device. Once your device has Booted Up it will exactly look and feel like a non Rooted Device. Unless you open up an App that needs Root like the Root Checker App.

Things You Can Do After Rooting Your Device

  • You can do everything that was not possible earlier
  • You can remove Bloatware, Crack and modify apps
  • Speed Up your device by increasing the CPU Speed.
  • You can change your Boot Animations
  • Install Thousands of types of Mod’s
  • Remove people out from your WIFI Network and more

Final Words: So, this is all about how to Root any Android Phone with Magisk Root, If you have questions or you are facing some problems on Rooting your phone then make sure to comment down below. We would love to hear from you!

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