WiFi Mouse Pro 3.6.0 Apk Free Download {Latest Version}

WiFi Mouse Pro 3.6.0 Apk Free Download

WiFi Mouse Pro Apk: WiFi Mouse lets you run your PC/Mac/Linux using your local network connection. This app comes with great features. With the help of WiFi Mouse Pro 3.6.0 Apk, you can use it as a Media controller, presentation controller and remote file explorer are all in this controller app.

All the controls to your PC/Mac/Linux can be done via this single app. This app gives you a great UI design with a very responsive trackpad. It works as a completely simulated mouse.

Key Features Of WiFi Mouse Pro

WiFi Mouse Pro Apk Free

It has a Media Controller feature that supports Youtube, VLC, Spotify and more!. Now let’s talk about the most exciting feature.

If you are a businessman or consultant, then you can use the Presentation feature now. This feature helps you to Control PPT/ Keynote Presentation Remotely.

Not only that, you can use it as Simulation like you can have complete control of Computer Keyboard and Number Pad, but it also supports Copy & Paste text to your computer. This is the new feature added in the version WiFi Mouse Pro 3.6.0.

You can control all the applications present on your computer from your phone itself using this app — direct entry of mobile phone to the web address, and quick browsing.

WiFi Mouse Pro
WiFi Mouse Pro
Developer: WiFi Mouse
Price: 4,39 €

Now, this is one of the best features that most of you would love it is that it has a Game Mode feature which makes your phone as a GamePad (Play computer games remotely), such as control Roblox games on PC.

Here Are All The Features Of This App

This is the full features of WiFi Mouse Pro:

WiFi Mouse Pro Apk

  • Fully Simulated Mouse
  • Support copy & paste text to the computer(new)
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Shutdown / Sleep Computer Remotely
  • Media Controller
  • Simulated Computer Keyboard & number pad
  • Voice Input Remotely
  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Application Launcher
  • Browse & open computer files
  • Password protection
  • Games Pad(Play computer games remotely)
  • Screen capture
  • Sway phone to make mouse cursor movement for presentation(Gyro sensor)
  • RDP(Remote desktop screen)
  • Control PPT / Keynote Presentation Remotely
  • Support Bluetooth (Beta for Windows)
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS x/Linux

About WiFi Mouse Pro

Here is the video which explains how this app exactly works:

Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, and trackpad for your computer, and it enables you to control your PC/Mac/Linux effortlessly through a local network connection. The media controller, presentation controller, and remote file explorer are all in this controller app.

Now you can relax on the sofa and control playing movies or games in the comfort of your own home, replace real broken mouse and keyboard by this app.


  1. Support for sorting bottom functions
  2. Bug fixes
  3. The App now Support copy & paste text to the computer

Download WiFi Mouse Pro Apk For Android

WiFi Mouse Pro 3.5.8 Apk
Version WiFi Mouse Pro 3.5.8
File Size 8.75 MB
Package Name com.necta.wifimouse
Developer Necta
Apk Md5 17ee7acb96665048b79ec25a3868175f
Updated On May 25, 2019

WiFi Mouse Pro Apk


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How To Use/ Setup Wifi Mouse Pro?

  1. Download & install mouse server from website http://wifimouse.necta.us
  2. Make sure your phone and computer on the same network.
  3. Start app to connect one computer
  4. Now you can use your phone to control your pc/laptop (use your phone as Mouse)

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Final Words: So, this is all about Download WiFi Mouse Pro APK For Free. I hope this Apk File worked on your phone. If you want to ask any questions related to WiFi Mouse Pro APK, then make sure to comment down below. We would love to hear from you.

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