How To Install Mi A2 Camera On Any Android Device

Install Mi A2 Camera On Any Android Device

We have MIUI Camera ported from Mi A2, yes you have heard it right Mi A2 to all devices including Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 5/Ai, and it packs a lot of features.

Many of you step back from custom ROM’s because of non-availability of Redmi Note 5 Pro Stock Camera on custom ROM’s. But today in this article we are getting this camera from the newly launched Mi A2.

The quality of the pictures is similar to the stock camera app. Everything works perfectly fine including the front camera, back camera, portrait mode, video recording, EIS, HDR and Auto HDR. This app doesn’t work on slow motion. If it’s fixed I will update you.

Unlike previous Mi A1 camera app there are no aspect ratio issues here. This app is working perfectly fine. Sometimes when you switch between different Camera modes it may take slightly lag for now. This app port is still in early stages so that what’s expected. And also the manual camera is working here with focus, iso, shutter speed control.

Pre Requirements Before You Install Mi A2 Camera On Any Android Device

  • TWRP Custom Recovery must be installed on your device. Here is the guide to Install TWRP Recovery On Any Android Device
  • BootLoader should be unlocked on your device.
  • Camera To API must be enabled in your phone. Then only this guide will work.

How To Install Mi A2 Camera On Any Android Device?

  • You can either flash with TWRP Recovery without wiping anything or you can use Magisk Manager.
  • To Install in Magisk Manager go to modules >> click on (+) Button and select the file you downloaded.
  • And it will automatically Install that file and after that just Reboot.
  • If you have flashed a custom roms then this process Will be familiar for you.

Once you have followed all the steps simply download Mi A2 Camera APK and Install it.

Mi A2 Camera APK

In case if you have doubt feel free to comment section down below and I will surely reply to you.

Troubleshooting Guide

And if this doesn’t work for you it’s probably because you have another camera mode installed. So, in that case, remove all Magisk Modules and after that Re-Flash the same ROM without clearing data and you won’t lose anything. After that install that module. If you clean flash the rom that will be better.

So, this is all about How Install Mi A2 Camera On Any Android Device. In case you have done something wrong or the Mi A2 Camera is not working on your phone then you can again follow the above steps. Also, if you have any questions related Installing Mi A2 Camera On Any Android Device then do comment down below. We would love to hear from you!

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