How to Use Samloader to Download Samsung Stock Firmware

Download Samloader Samloader Tool: Simplicity is the modern world and the most current, and all the software getting build nowadays is for making most of your stuff easy. Now, When we look at the most beloved smartphone brands trending from the last few decades, we can’t ignore Samsung.

It’s one of the most technological smartphone brands offering you the over-edge simplicity in all the in-built setup. But it feels a bit hard for all our techie freaks who love modifying the smartphone’s firmware and downloading the new stock ROMs.

Well, colossal websites and databases offer you the same thing free of cost, but they take your precious time in exchange. Yeah, You heard right; if you’re going to download your Samsung smartphone’s firmware from a database, then you need to invest up to a week in downloading it. 

Basically, these companies attach a speed cap on the downloading process, and you can’t make the speedily downloading without purchasing their premium subscriptions.

Finally, it comes to money, and it’s acceptable by them since it’s the only monetization model for these databases! So after this annoyance, lots of prominent tools formed like SamFirm and Firja Tool to make this process speedy without charging a single penny.

Primarily, Samsung doesn’t officially post its OTA updates on the website. Still, some years ago, numerous XDA engineers developed these tools, SamFirm and Firja Tool, to help all the users freely flashing new stock firmware on their smartphone.

So You can simply install these tools and mightily download the Samsung OTA updates and flash them with the Odin Flash Tool. Furthermore, You can also view the Samloader Tool uploaded on the below download link.

Samloader Tool

It’s the futuristic tool recently developed, containing the interface with all last drawbacks cleared. Samloader Tool is the simplistic stuff you can employ on any OS, then either a Windows, Linux, macOS, or even an Android-based device.

Just click the below download button and download the Samloader tool for your appropriate device! 

What is the Samloader Tool

To get into the Samloader Tool, First, you’re needed to know about the OTA updates and the Stock firmware. The stuff is simple, and it’s your smartphone’s software or firmware, referring to OTA (Over the Air).

You can indeed update the software on your own, without any tool, but if you have got an old smartphone or any new Samsung smartphone having late delivery of software updates. Or even if you’ve rooted and bricked your smartphone and wanna unbrick it back, these tools can assist you the best! 

Now Samloader Tool works in the same way as the above process and is known for possessing the official Samsung’s OTA updates. It does the same tasks as the other tools like SamFirm and Firja, but it contains the open-source operating as an additional privilege.

Centrally, the SamFirm and Firja aren’t open-source tools and can only work with Windows Computers since they employ a different library than the official SmartSwitch.

The official library is protected by the most secure software protector, Themida, making it damn hard to run on any other OS device.

But Samloader tool is developed by reversely applying the same Samsung SmartSwitch OTA Update download protocol. It’s an excellent tool designed to help you out of the open-source technology and providing you assistance with all the OS types.

After having an open-source technology, you can use this tool on almost any OS device, either a Windows, macOS, or Linux-operated laptop. Moreover, As it works on Python, it can also get installed and operated directly on an Android smartphone.

But within all these advancements and multiple functionalities, sometimes it becomes complex, as it’s developed in Python language. In simple words, It’s not a convenient tool, as you need to work on a slightly tricky interface.

But mark my words; it’ll worth that all struggle and knowledge you’ll gain by using it! Apart from that, everything is excellent, waiting for you to use it ASAP!

How to Use Samloader to Download OTA Updates for Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Samloader is a simplistic tool that you can handily use for downloading OTA updates for any of your Samsung Android smartphones. Primarily, the process contains six simple steps listed below – 

Step 1 – Installing Python 3 and PIP on your device

First of all, You need to download Python 3 and PIP on your device, and you can do that simply with the below process per your device – 

Windows Based PC

  • It’s the most manageable process if you’re having a PC operated on Windows OS. All You need to do is download the latest version of Python from the official website. Afterward, You’re also required to install the PIP on your device!

Gracefully, All the most recent versions of Python come with an already installed PIP with them! So You won’t need to make a complex process; just run a check for pip on your cmd as an administrator by below command – 

pip help

MacOS Based System

  • Even if you have a Macbook or iMac, You can download the OTA updates for Samsung smartphones through them.
  • You can install Python’s latest version on macOS simply by downloading the macOS 64-bit installer and following childish steps.

Linux-based PC

  • Linux is a terminal-based OS, so that it can be a tricky process but don’t more than your assumption. All it needs is to compiling Python from its source and installing it by the terminal.
  • Moreover, You can click this link and follow the step-by-step process for simplicity!

Step 2 – Downloading Samloader for your device

Time for the most leisurely step of the entire process, downloading Samloader! You are only needed to click the below link, and afterward, you’ll automatically get redirected to the download page of Samloader. There you can download it simply for your appropriate OS-based device!

Clone Git command – 

git clone

Step 3 – Installing the Samloader tool on your device

Now You’re all good with the Python and the Samloader tool, which you’ve saved on the appropriate download location. You’re here needed to complete the installation of Samloader to get ahead! So open the Python and type the below command for installing the Samloader tool via PIP.

cd samloader

pip3 install

Step 4 – Searching the latest OTA Update for your smartphone

As you’ve installed the Samloader tool and Python with PIP, Now You’re ready to search for the latest OTA or firmware update for your Samsung smartphone. Just inscribe the below syntax, and you’ll get the latest firmware according to your device – 

samloader checkupdate [model] [region]

Here the model will be the smartphone model, and the region will be your country! Like If I’m using a Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) and living in India, then I’ll inscribe the below syntax – 

samloader checkupdate J510 INS

Step 5 – Downloading the Samsung OTA Update

Finally, You’ve got the new version code of your smartphone’s OTA update and are ready to download the Samsung OTA Update. Now You have to write the below command with the location directory, model number, region, and the latest version.

samloader download [version] [model] [region] [out]
  • Version = Latest Version code that we checked on Step 4
  • Model = Your Smartphone’s model number
  • Region = Native Country of the device
  • Out = Directory location

Step 6 – Decrypting the Firmware

As we told you above, Samloader Tool is the reversely engineered tool of the Smart Switch, so that it contains all the official OTA updates for Samsung Smartphones and can work on every device! But still, some of these updates are encrypted by the enc2 and enc4 security. So You can follow the below syntax simply for decrypting them –  

  • For enc2 encrypted firmware
samloader decrypt2 [version] [model] [region] [infile] [outfile]
  • For enc4 encrypted firmware
samloader decrypt4 [version] [model] [region] [infile] [outfile]

Wrapping Up –

Now You’re familiar with the entire process of downloading the OTA updates for your Samsung Smartphone with the Samloader tool. Just click the above download button and download the appropriate version of Samloader for your device.

Afterward, Follow the simplistic steps and take off to the Odin Flash Tool for flashing the stock firmware on your smartphone. The tool is small in size that’ll only hold up to 100KB of your device’s storage and offer you the free firmware decrypter within the downloader. Go on and download it ASAP!

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