Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Hands-On Video Leaked Before Official Launch

Hands On Video Of The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Has Been Leaked

Here we have the hands-on video of the Galaxy S10 Plus, Just seven days before the device will go official. It comes from an online retailer MobileFun. I have embedded the original leaked video of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. So, check out the full video.

As you can see the phone has a thick tempered glass screen protectors installed with holes in it for the camera and for the In-Display Fingerprint Scanner. The video seems to be captured when the phone was being tested with screen protectors. Honestly, this screen protector makes the phone look bad.

It also hinders with the user experience. Swiping around that area will be very uncomfortable for the thumb I guess and I don’t understand why would anyone want to install such screen protectors. Some people are saying the hole is there for the fingerprint scanner to work.

Some are also claiming the ultrasonic scanner may not work with thick screen protectors. I can’t confirm right now if that is the case but max who’s also a credible leaker says that you don’t have to worry about installing this because the Galaxy S10 will come pre-installed with a screen protector and the fingerprint scanner will work absolutely fine with the normal ones. So, you don’t have to put this ugly thing and spoil the look of your phone.

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Samsung Confirms To Reveal The Foldable Smartphone With The Galaxy S10

Here is the Official Teaser

Someone leaked the entire spec sheet of the Galaxy S10 devices revealing almost everything about the device.

Detailed Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S10

Source: gsmarena

You can clearly see detailed specs of the Samsung Galaxy S10 from the image. First of all, there are improvements to the slow-mo videos. Now we can record videos up to 0.8 seconds up from 0.4 seconds of the Note 9 and 0.2 seconds of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung has also improved the scene optimizer. Now it should be able to recognize up to 30 scenes, up from 20 on the Note 9. The camera also supports HDR 10+ recording. With HDR+ enabled the colors should be a lot crisper and there should be a noticeable improvement in clarity too.

Finally, the display has been improved as well. the display will apparently reach 800 nits of brightness up from 700 on the Galaxy Note 9.

By the way, Samsung is not happy with this leak. They’re investigating the person who leaked this phone and there may be repercussions. And it’s not like we didn’t already know all of this but yes, I agree that the leaks should be done in a controlled manner.

A lot of times, companies leak their own stuff to generate hype but leaking a spec sheet where it’s giving away all of the information is not right. I hope this leak doesn’t affect the unpacked event which will take place in a week.

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