How To Disable Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices | No Root Required

Disable Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices

Today in this article we have come with the guide on How To Disable Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices, first of all ads are becoming very annoying on xiaomi devices. It’s showing up on System Apps, Settings which is not expected, Apps like Browser, Video, Music Player all of these apps already show Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices.

And I will show you how to disable that as well, In this method you don’t need to download any separate apps or we do not have to root our devices to disable those annoying ads. Option to disable those ads is already present on your phone itself. So, let me show you how to do that

How To Remove Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices

You can disable Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices, whenever you use any mi apps you see annoying advertisements. you can see ads on Mi File Manager, Mi Default Browser, Mi Video Player, Mi Music Player. So, I have shown you how to disable ads on each of these apps. Just Follow The Steps Shown Below:

Disable Browser Ads

  • First Off Open Your Default Browser >> Go To Settings >> Privacy & Security >> Now Disable Recommended For You
  • After That Go Into Advanced >> Top Sites Order >> Disable Recieve Recommendations
  • Now Browser App Will Not Give You Any Type Of Notifications As Well

Once you have done just open Default MIUI Browser you will see there are No Ads Now!

Disable Mi Store Ads

  • Now Go Back & Open Mi App Store >> Tools >> Settings
  • Disable Available Updates, Auto Updates, Delete Package

This is because we want to use PlayStore when it comes to India Google Play Store is available. So, everyone uses Google Play store to update apps rather than using any other application.

Once you have done just open Mi Store you will see there are No Ads Now!

Disable MIUI Music Player Ads

  • Go To Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Now Disable Recieve Recommendations

Once you have done just open MIUI Music Player you will see there are No Ads Now!

Disable Mi Video Player Ads & MIUI Security Ads

  • Go To Settings >> Disable Online Recommendations & Disable Push Messages
  • Now Go Back & Open >> MIUI Security App >> Go To Settings >> Disable Recieve Recommendations

Once you have done just open Mi Video Player & MIUI Security App you will see there are No Ads Now!

Disable FileManager Ads

  • Go To Settings >> About >> Now Disable Recommendations

Once you have done just open MIUI Music Player you will see there are No Ads Now!

Now if you are seeing ads on other than these apps then you just have to do only one thing that’s is Just Go To Settings & Disable Recommendations.

How To Disable Promoted App On Xiaomi Devices

As might have already seen on your xiaomi devices that when you click on more apps folder it will show up these extra apps which are promoted apps. Now how to disable that just follow the steps.

  • Tap On More Apps  >> And Disable Promoted Apps

These are some of the in apps settings which you can change but there are a few more things as well

  • Go To Settings >> Additional Settings >> Tap On Privacy >> Go To Ad Services >> Now Disable Personalized Ad Recommendations
  • Once Done Go Into Authorization & Revocation >> Now Disable “msa” 
  • This Apps Will Stop Collecting Data
Note: If the revocation fails then try rebooting your device & try again. Or else sign into Mi Accounts & Tyr Again.

Once you have followed all these steps successfully then you will not see any ads on your xiaomi devices. Now your xiaomi device is ad-free and most probably no ads should be shown in those system applications and that’s it 🙂 You Have Successfully Disable Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices.

Final Words: 

So, that’s the easiest way to Disable Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices. I hope you find this article helpful, If yes then make sure to share this post so, that it can help other users as well. If you want to ask any questions related to Disabling Ads On Any Xiaomi Devices then make sure to comment down below. We would love to hear from you!

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