Download And Install Fortnite Android APK On Any Android Smartphone

Install Fortnite Android APK On Any Android Smartphone

Hey guys an a breaking news you can now Download and Install Fortnite On Any Android Smartphones any supported Android Device and I’m not talking about the Samsung specific devices it is officially available for Samsung Phone, however, you can now download it on any Android supported device. Epic Games just released Fortnite along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and you can install it on your phone also.

Download And Install Fortnite Android APK On Any Android Smartphone

  • First off you have to open the XDA and there the XDA developer q899 has uploaded the APK that is the ported version of Fortnite.
  • Then you have to download this apk from this link so, this is the Fortnite version 5.2.0 and it is of 90.3 MB. This link is of mega so, you can download it as well and it will work on any Android device supported Android smartphone and it includes only smartphones that are (arm 64) so, you need to check that
  • So, here is the Fortnite APK , Just install it and it will take some time to install. Click on Done and that’s it 🙂

I have Installed Fortnite On my phone and it is working absolutely fine but we have to download the Additional Data. The additional data is of size 1 GB in order to play it.

It is of 1.04 GB for the Pixel 2 XL and I think it is off almost 2 GB for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I think the size depends on the graphics so, it is going to take some time to download the additional data. Once you have downloaded the additional data it will start verifying the application and start optimizing the content. MSI launched it for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 also so I really think it is going to work fine on the supported devices.

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After that the game will start Patching Android Beta, have you played Fortnite before, if so then you can find your account with all progress or you can create a new account. The Google+ Login is not working so, you can log in with your Facebook account.

The game is lagging like hell on Pixel 2 XL, try to play it with the good internet connection. It won’t lag on Samsung Galaxy S9 or any Samsung Smartphones or the OnePlus 6 also.

This is really a long procedure, I hope you find this article helpful if you have any questions related to Installing Fortnite On Android then do comment down below. We would love to hear from you!

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