How to Install TWRP Recovery on any Android 2024 [Without Root]

Today in this article I will guide you on How to Install TWRP Recovery On Any Android Phone Without Root. Using TWRP Custom Recovery you can install any custom ROM, take an android backup, install ported apps, install the kernel and so much more. This is the official method to install TWRP recovery on any android device.

What is TWRP Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery is basically a piece of software that sits on top of your Android Device and allows you to Install, Flash, Back ROM’S and do a lot of things directly from your device itself without the need of connecting it with the computer. So, basically, if you want a custom ROM you will need a Custom Recovery on your device that’s the first step.

How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Any Android Phone

Below I have shown you step by step method to Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Any Android Phone, This process does not require a PC/Laptop you can easily install Custom Recovery On Any Android Device. But make sure to follow each and every step shown below to successfully install custom TWRP recovery on your android phone.

After you successfully install TWRP custom recovery you will be easily able to flash custom ROMs without any requirement of pc/ laptop. You can root your phone by Installing TWRP Custom Recovery. You must keep in mind while installing TWRP custom recovery on your phone is installing TWRP recovery can brick your device if you do have not to flash the file properly. It is always recommended while flashing any file make sure to take a complete backup of your android.

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Advantages Of Installing TWRP Recovery

  • You can update your phone to a newer version of Android
  • You will be able to Install Custom ROMs Without a PC
  • You can Root Your phone without a PC
  • You can Flash Zip files, Mods Without a PC

Disadvantages Of Installing TWRP Recovery

  • Your Phone Warranty will be lost after installing TWRP Recovery
  • You won’t be able to Install OTA Update Manually
  • Flashing the Wrong File can Brick your phone
  • Unstable Version of Custom ROM can brick your phone

Download All The Required Files

(All the files you have to download in your PC itself)

First Download the Android SDK Platform Tools (Depending Upon your operating system download the one that suits you). As I am a Windows user I will Install Windows Android SDK Platform Tools. This tool sizes around 7 MB.

Now you need to download TWRP Files. Just click on this link TeamWin – TWRP it will take you to TeamWin – TWRP Website. There you will find a list of devices. Now search for your Model Number For Your Phone. Go to your device and there you will find the Download Links (Choose the latest TWRP Image) and download it.

Steps To Install TWRP Recovery On Any Android Phone Without

  • First of all extract the “Android SDK Platform Tools”.
  • Move TWRP.img File to “Android SDK Platform Tools” Folder.

Now These Steps You Have To Do It On Your Phone

  • Go to “Settings” >> About Phone >> There you will see “Build Number” Tap it 7-8 Times to Enable Developer Options.
  • After that Go to “Developer Options” Scroll down and Enable “USB Debugging”.

[Note: In order to install custom recovery you need to “Unlock The Bootloader”. To Unlock The Bootloader Click On This Link……………. Before Unlocking The Bootloader make sure to take a backup of your phone it’s very important to step.]

  • Now “Connect Your Phone To PC” >> After you Connect Your Phone To PC you will see a pop-up message on your phone. Just Tap On “Always Allow This Computer” and Hit Ok.
  • Now Go to the Folder Again that you just recently opened (Platform Tools) >> Here you have to open a command window, To open a command window Click On [Shift Button] and [Right Click] On The Mouse Button and there you will find an option to Open Command Window.

Now Type The Following Command

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader

(This will take you to Bootloader Mode)

  • Now Type
fastboot flash recovery <Enter The File Name Of TWRP Image File>
  • Hit Enter. Now-Again Type
fastboot boot <Enter Recovery File Name>
  • Hit Enter.
  • Now Wait for a few moments. And That’s It 🙂

You have successfully Installed TWRP Custom Recovery On Your Android Phone Without Root.

Now you can flash custom ROMs, flash a custom kernel, install ported apps, boot your device. You can do everything you want.


So, that’s the easiest way to Install TWRP Recovery On Any Android Phone Without. If you want to ask any questions related to Installing TWRP Recovery On Any Android Device Without Root then make sure to comment down below. We would like to hear from you!

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  1. Install twrp WITHOUT pc or laptop???…. The first file I have to download, is a file I have to install on my pc.!!!!!

    I have to root my pocophone to install twrp… But I have to install twrp to root my phone first!!!!!

    Make up your mind please. Can some one please tell me how to root my pocophone f1 and install twrp WITHOUT PC.


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