How To Record 4K Videos On Redmi Note 5 & 5 Pro

Hey, there today in this article i will show you How To Record 4K Videos On Redmi Note 5 & 5 Pro so, let me tell you that both the phones are capable to record videos in 4K Resolution but we don’t know why Xiaomi has disabled this feature the official camera app that has been provided by Xiaomi doesn’t have 4K recording option.

In the future, we hope that you can get this 4K video recording feature by OTA Updates but for now, you can not Record in 4K with this official app. So, here we have got a trick to record 4K video on your Redmi Note 5 & 5 Pro with your default camera app. So, Let’s quickly see how to do that with very easy steps:

Steps To Record 4K Videos On Redmi Note 5 & 5 Pro

1.) Go to Google play store and download Open Camera App. (So this is third-party camera app through this you can record video, you can click Photos)

2.) Now after installing the app just open it up and go to settings

3.) After opening settings you will see an option of “video settings” just tap on that

4.) Now you have to tap on “Video Resolutions” >> Now Select “ULTRA 4K” at the top.

5.) That’s it you have successfully enabled the 4K feature in your Redmi Note 5 & 5 Pro devices.
(You can now see 4K option enabled on your default camera app also which is very nice too see)

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Xiaomi should not do this type of Cheap things with us. I hope that Xiaomi should give this feature Via OTA Updates On Redmi Note 5 & 5 Pro. And also You can try this method if you have Redmi Note 4 Using this method. Redmi Note 4 is also capable to record videos in 4K because both the phones have same processors that are Snapdragon 625.

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